Starting a Business

This workshop will enable you to make decisions about your business idea. Starting your business requires careful planning, preparation, motivation and lots of hard work. The workshop will help you make decisions about your business idea and determine its feasibility.

In the workshop, you will have had the opportunity to listen and talk to a variety of people about business.

The information and activities from the workshop will assist you in researching the feasibility of your prospective business or business ideas, you will discoverwhether your business or business idea has the potential to succeed.

Good business skills can help you make you business successful.

Just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean you can make it a successful business.

For example, just because you’re a great mechanic doesn’t guarantee you will be a great success in operating your own car repair business.

Operating a successful business requires sound business skills as well as technical skills. You must be able to assess your skill levels and see if you have what it takes to run a business successfully. If you need to improve your skills then you can tae steps now before its too late.

Running a small business requires a range of different skills. These include managerial, financial and marketing skills as well as the necessary technical skills.

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