Cut energy bills down

ROSS Anderson knows a thing or two about ripping up the costs on power bills.

Throughout the past two years, the Tinana man has helped businesses save more than $1.5 million in energy costs.

“It comes down to checking people have been billed correctly, helping them find ways to cut down on energy expenditure and changing their bad habits,” he said.

Power Bill - RossRoss even recounted the time he helped an irrigator to identify the hidden additional costs in his water bill.

“They simply weren’t aware they were being metered for their neighbour’s usage and were charged thousands of dollars extra a quarter because of it,” he said.

While his business Aqua Gold Consulting has been in demand since establishment four years ago, Ross expects home owners will soon begin to knock at his door.

The new time-of-use domestic and business Ergon Energy tariffs, which were introduced in June of this year, will see customers billed for increased energy prices and service fees.

“The 12A domestic tariff will hit families hard when families are made to transition in 2020,” he said.

“These tariffs will have a heavy impact throughout the summer months.”

But Ross reckons he can help.

“It’s could be as simple as stagnating appliance usage so only one is used at a time,” he said.

Aqua Gold Consulting provides business and project management services, as well as economic development advice.

APN –November 2015

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