When you first went into business or sales, whether working for yourself or someone else, you probably thought “technical” knowledge about your product or service was all you really needed to be successful.

That expertise and “professionalism” would be the keys to your success.

That clients/customers/patients would seek you out when they heard how “good” you were.

“Training was probably related, not to your profession, but to getting financial and legal advice about starting and operating your business’s or selling in your particular product or service.

Perhaps you set up an office or place of business of your own. You had phone lines and equipment installed. You learned to make coffee, your way. Then, you sat down and used the phone book to start making cold calls, or get the yellow pages rep in to see you.

You may have had ideas in mind about “personal promotion,” or other image-building techniques.

Most certainly, you had all kinds of information about your product or service and how to be “the best” in your field.

You believed you or your company really had built a better mousetrap. That, with a few phone calls and some publicity, the world would pay attention and indeed, beat a path to your door!

Am I right?

Let’s speak candidly.

As you read through this, you’ll see I’m very blunt. I don’t pull punches. I believe in being honest, which means I’m not going to tell you just what you want to hear. I’ll only say what I know to be the truth.

When I speak of the truth, I don’t mean my opinions. They’re only as valuable as any one else’s.

No, truth is information. And, not just any information, but information based on years of experience and results. That’s what I’ll be sharing. In marketing, it’s the only thing that counts.

You see, I’m not in love with all the secrets I’m revealing because I made them up, or because I think I’m smart…or anything based on ego.

In fact, I’m only interested in winning and seeing others win. Basing my suggestions on anything other than proven winners just isn’t going to happen. It’s a waste of time and money. I wanted to share that up-front, so you know where I’m coming from. I enjoy helping people. And I Want to help you make more money, to enjoy your business more, to feel the power that comes from success and a high level of self esteem.

It’s true! I really feel good when you not only make more money… But gain the inner peace that comes from feeling great about yourself and your life.

And though this may sound crass…getting business clients/customers/patients without suffering the tortures of cold-calling, knocking on doors or wasting money on useless and non-responsive marketing is the best way I know to help you feel great!

Which bring me to my first, and possibly most important point:

Knowing how to get clients/customers/patients is infinitely more important than any other knowledge you may attain!

That’s it. I’ve never known any way to make my business (and thus, my personal life) better unless I have a constant, never-ending flow of prospects and clients/customer/patients who come to me!

I know this statement upsets some people. That’s really not my intent. But the fact is – and it’s a very important fact that every business person must grasp – you’re not in the business you think you’re in, whether self employed or working for someone else… You’re in the business of


That’s the bottom line

It’s true. No matter what business you’re in, no matter what you sell, you’re not really in that business! You’re in the marketing of that business!

So, what does this mean?

Well, it means you must change your thinking. You must accept the fact that…

You are a marketer first and a contractor, or salesperson, or tradesperson, or planner, or consultant, or physician or whatever, second. Until you do this, you’ll never make the kind of money you want to make.

The acceptance of your role as marketer is paramount. It’s the only way too change the size of your bank balance and gain success otherwise unattainable.

Let’s face it, in any business… And yours is no different…the best marketer wins!


Is this rule breakable or flexible in any way? No! Why Not? Because it’s true. It’s always been true and always be true, He or She who markets best, make more money.

Now, beware, This doesn’t mean you can market better and deliver substandard products or services.

No way. You must not only work to be best marketer; you must also work to be the best plumber, or printer, or doctor, or salesperson, as well. People want and deserve the best.

But… And this is a BIG but…it doesn’t matter if you’re “the best” if you have no one to talk to except co-workers and family. They’re nice enough people, I’m sure, but they’re not substitutes for paying clients/customers/patients.

Getting clients/customers/patients is the name of the game, and marketing is the way to get them!

Now, as you work through our information, keep in mind that the kind of marketing we teach here is different from anything you may have seen or heard before.

We teach you how to get responses and clients/customers/patients…without feeling nauseous or spending money on promotional items like refrigerator magnets, calendars, wasted advertising that “gets your name out there”, pre-approach letters, etc., etc. No more “hope and pray” marketing or prospecting.

WE show you how marketing can be fun! Fun because it’s easy, and fun because it works!

As you learn our marketing techniques, you’ll quickly recognise the difference between two ways to market:
1 Traditional, wasteful, pushy ways that leave you feeling stressed, and
2 Inexpensive, response-oriented ways that leave you feeling great – and your bank account feeling greater!

We’ll focus on #2, if that okay with you.

We all know there are too many traveling sideshow seminar people, or countless books and tapes willing to teach you how to create press releases, make cold calls or how to buy a Jaguar and look more “powerful.” You can learn Type #1 stuff anywhere.

What’s not available anywhere are the marketing techniques you’re about to embrace. We teach them because they work, they’re fun, and they’re legal. Our secrets are direct response-oriented. They’re never sleazy or obnoxious. They’re simply ways to market products and services so people are touched emotionally and respond accordingly. In short, they’re ways that WORK! But, they are admittedly “different.”

Unfortunately, many people think “different” means “bad” or “unprofessional”.
That’s fine, because we’re not trying to impress anyone.

We’re trying to be successful in our field, not look a certain way to our peers.

The same is true for you, right?

So, it’s time! Fasten your seat belt, and open your mind;

To learn direct response-oriented marketing…the best thing to do, is pick up the phone and call 1300 721 118. Ask for me, Ross Anderson. I’ll give you all the answers you need. I’ll even see that you get a FREE Special Report ” How to Flood Your Business With New Customers.” (And if you talk nice to me, I might even give you a couple of ideas you can use before I get away.)