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Why conduct an Energy Assessment

Running a business can be a difficult enough without paying for costs that can be identified during a business energy assessment. It can become even more difficult when you consider the different types of costs you’ll run into when you’re operating i.e. employee salaries, benefits, products, rental space etc. However, something many people don’t consider is the cost of electricity when you’re operating. Electricity is essential to operating a business and can be costly as well, especially if you’re working long days or have high peak demands throughout the day and or week.

What’s involved in an Energy Assessment

An energy assessment identifies the most practical and cost-effective solutions for your site or business. An Energy Assessment can:

  • Identify energy saving measures.
  • Compare the relative cost-benefits of energy efficiency technologies.
  • Identify the best options for your business.
  • Develop an energy action plan with capital costs and payback.
  • Conduct a billing and tariff analysis to reduce energy costs.

Recent and ongoing increases in electricity and natural gas prices have significantly increased energy costs for businesses.

  • An energy assessment may cost as little as <1% of annual energy costs.
  • An energy assessment identifies options to reduce energy usage by 10% to 30%.
  • An energy assessment assesses billing and energy charges to identify options to reduce energy costs.
  • The emerging energy efficiency marketplace is flooded with new products.

How to benefit From Our Energy Assessing Experience

We have experience conducting energy efficiency assessments for commercial offices, industrial and manufacturing facilities, food processing plants, hotels, strata and apartment buildings, warehouses, educational facilities, retail and hospitality. With over 150 energy audits conducted in the last 18 months, identifying over $2 million in potential savings, we have the knowledge to reduce your business’s energy use. Our results show that most sites can reduce their energy usage by between 20% and 50% through:

  • Better energy management
  • Carefully chosen equipment upgrades, and
  • Appropriate use of renewable energy.

In fact, most sites can reduce their energy usage by at least 10% without any capital expenditure.

Cost Effective, Independent, Energy Assessment Efficiency Advice

The Audit includes

  • An assessment of your historical and current energy usage and costs.
  • A detailed billing assessment to identify options to reduce energy costs (e.g. retail rates, network tariffs, demand charges, metering configuration).
  • A site inspection to identify where and how your site uses energy.
  • Identify options to reduce energy usage through upgrading or replacing equipment, installing or improving controls and improved management practices.

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About an Energy Assessment

An energy audit is a detailed assessment of your energy usage and provides an analysis of cost-effective energy efficiency opportunities to reduce your energy usage, your energy bills and your greenhouse emissions.

A Level 1 Energy Assessment is an introductory level assessment for your business providing a lower level assessment of energy use and energy saving opportunities. It is useful as a first step investigation into cost-effective energy saving opportunities for your business.

A Level 2 Energy Assessment provides a more detailed assessment of your pattern of energy usage and a more comprehensive energy saving and costing analysis. It includes an increased scope of assessment and greater detailed descriptions of relevant energy efficient technology. It is intended for businesses that have some knowledge of energy efficiency and energy management and require a detailed assessment of opportunities to reduce their energy consumption.