Marketing Workshop

The ‘Marketing’workshop is to help you gain valuable knowledge and skills to assist you with increasing your sales revenue.

The 80/20 Rule :

20% of your customers, products or services will provide 80% of your business. To maximise profit ‐ grow the profitable lines and customers. You may need to stop servicing certain customers or remove certain product lines or services so you can focus on ones that are profitable. Avoid having your cash flow tied up with slow selling product lines, services that are unprofitable to deliver and slow paying customers.

The current financial climate may have affected your target market, industry and competitors in different ways. It may also have significant impacts on the products and services customers buy. As part of your long-term growth you will need to assess the state of your market as well as your product and service offering.

When looking to build your business and generate more revenue there are, simply speaking, three ways that this can be achieved:

  • Retaining current customers and attracting more customers
  • Increasing the frequency of sales
  • Increasing the value of sales including size and price


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