The ‘Business Action Plan’ workshop is to help you gain valuable knowledge and skills to assist you to develop a practical simple one page business action plan that you can easily undertake/implement.

Undertaking this workshop you will learn:

  • How to assess your business’ current business situation including the use of a SWOT analysis.
  • How to identify key factors and strategies to be considered as part of your long term business planning.
  • How to use a Impact & Ease analysis to prioritise key actions and tasks.
  • How to develop a one page business action plan.
  • What resources and assistance are available to assist your business.

A practical approach has been emphasised throughout for you to take away an action plan to put into practice immediately to assist your business along the road to success. Businesses that are proactive and take advantage of the current challenging conditions to improve their competitive position will be the real winners, however, they need to act quickly and decisively; focusing on activities that yield short term gains and position them well for long term success. 
It is a fact that business success is built on continuous planning. That does not mean writing or updating the sort of business plan you might prepare for the bank, but rather thinking carefully about the opportunities and matching your resources to exploit those opportunities.

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