Monthly Humour

A boss was complaining in a staff meeting the other day that he wasn’t getting any respect.
Later that morning he went to a local sign shop and bought a small sign that read, “I’m the Boss”.
He then taped it to his office door.
Later that day when he returned from lunch, he found that someone had taped a note to the sign that said. “Your wife called, She wants her sign back!”

Cheats Mini Christmas Puddings 


500g store-bought Christmas cake, crumbled 

1/2 cup (125ml) milk
4 eggs
1/3 cup (85g) fruit mince
1/4 cup (60ml) Pedro Ximenez (see 

Custard and glace cherries, to serve 


Preheat the oven to 180°C.
Grease four 1 cup (250ml) dariole moulds or ramekins.
Place cake, milk, eggs, fruit mince and Pedro Ximenez in a food processor and pulse a few times to combine. Divide the mixture among the moulds and cover with foil. Place in a deep baking dish and pour enough boiling water into the dish to come halfway up the
sides of the moulds. Bake for 45 minutes or until firm. Remove the puddings from the baking dish and rest for 10 minutes.
To serve, invert the puddings onto plates and top with custard and glace cherries. 

Note Source:
Pedro Ximenez is a fortified sweet Spanish sherry available from selected bottle shops; substitute brandy or Marsala (Sicilian fortified wine). 

Energy Saving

“Our monthly power bill dropped from an average of $420 to an average of $185 by undertaking the recommendations from Aqua Gold Consulting’s
audit. We were pleased with the service and the results”

  • Ken Matheson, P Quinn & Associates, Maryborough Qld

Business Confidence in October

In good news for the economy, business conditions stayed strong in October, even though the mood of the business community is showing it.
National Australia Bank’s index of business conditions – based on measures of trading conditions, profitability and employment – remained at a relatively high nine points in October.
That’s only a couple of points below 

the highest levels seen since the global financial crisis in 2008, and well over the zero level where positive and negative responses to survey questions
are evenly balanced. 

But NAB economists say business confidence has been stubbornly sluggish in the past six months, with the index dropping back to two index points in October,
from five in September, well below the long run average. 



Ross is great on advice and even better on the practicalities of business consulting. It is apparent his practical advice is based on
actual life experience gained from his own engineering and farming background.
Ross has a unique understanding of the relationship between the business community and government, experience gained during his employment in both Regional council and State levels of government.
Excellent people skills with sound practical advice provides Ross with exceptional consulting abilities, based on his personal business and agricultural background.
His advice and assistance during the startup phase of Bamboo hill has been invaluable over the past three years and is a continuing process during the commercialisation of this business.

Derrick Hill – Director BAMBOOHILL AUSTRALIA Pty. Ltd.


All consumers should have the right to access affordable electricity to ensure their full and effective participation in all aspects
of social and economic life.
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Partner’s with


Aqua Gold Consulting has partnered with Infinity Power to provide a superior service to businesses for renewable energy solutions.

About Infinity Power

Infinity Power believes renewable energy is the future and this firmly held belief was what led to the creation of the company in 2007.
Infinity has experienced strong annual growth since its inception, which is testament to each member of the team’s focus on quality and service. Until now, they have managed and installed over 9000 residential and commercial renewable energy solutions. Founders
Chris Thomson and Daryll Walk met when they both worked in Port Hedland in the late 1990s. A decade later, after Chris’ stint running an Indonesian Power Station and Daryll’s time in finance roles in London and Australia, they came back together and agreed
solar was the future.
Their combination of finance and engineering expertise was bolstered by the appointment of Murray McNaught who added further technical and senior sales management experience, he was employed as General Manager and Infinity
 was born.
Since this time, the company has opened offices in 11 locations throughout Queensland, NSW, the Northern Territory, South Australia, and Victoria, employed more than 80 people and were  voted Australia’s Best Solar Company by independent website SolarQuotes
in 2013.

In 2013, Infinity Power was launched first as a sub-brand of Infinity Solar. This year, Infinity decided to rebrand the company to
extend the scope of business and highlight the fact that it caters for a whole variety of household and businesses energy saving needs, and not be limited to solar.
These solutions extend from solar power to energy efficient lighting, hot water, air conditioning, and many more. Despite this impressive expansion,
Infinity has purposefully set a long term plan to grow at a slower, more sustainable rate even though the renewable energy market in general was expanding exponentially. The company has a number of core business principles that have seen it survive when many
of its competitors have failed.
Infinity Power attributes this ‘die-off’ to government incentive schemes fuelling huge short-term demand. The result is a market flooded with unethical operators who import substandard equipment and outsource installation to any available contractor. Customers
are left with systems that have little warranty or after sales support, or even worse, solar PV systems that are dangerous.

Wanting to distance themselves from the ‘cheap and nasty’ part of the market, Infinity only uses its own qualified tradespeople and provides customers with one point of contact from the first enquiry until the installation is finished so there is always accountability.
The company is proud to use only high quality products from tier one manufacturers throughout their solutions.
This model has proven successful and the 11 offices that Infinity has established all run autonomously as a small business and are run by local people. Local sales managers and installation staff will cater for consumer’s needs in the best possible way as they
understand the community’s needs.
The diversification of its business by offering smart energy solutions has already enjoyed great success with major installations for clients such as the Australian Federal Government, Energex, University of Queensland, AACo, and Brisbane Airport Corporation,
but there is scope for much more.
Infinity Power believes their strong service standards, local commitment and ethical approach will see them thrive in the future, one powered by renewable energy. So join the ride today!

When it comes to making an impact during the holidays, there’s something for every small business to choose from. Start early so you’ll have plenty of lead-time and can ensure your business is top of mind with customers during this heavy buying season.

Remember; If you’re marketing to both sexes the same way at Christmas time, you’re doing it wrong.

Anyone who’s spent any time shopping with a significant other will know that the way men and women tackle shopping for the festive season are completely opposite.
Men are goal oriented. Once they know who they’re shopping for and what they’re buying, they’re unlikely to deviate from this list. Christmas shopping is usually achieved in 45 minutes, two days before Christmas, with minimal fanfare (and a couple of recovery
beverages afterwards)!
Women, on the other hand, like to browse. Shopping is a social activity, they like to peruse, look for alternatives, purchase items that aren’t on the list and they’ll usually spread it over a few of weeks.  They also like to research their options beforehand,
and go back another day to actually buy the gift.

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BambooHill was created in 2012 to develop the technology and equipment to harvest and process high grade bamboo mulch products.
They are the first fully mechanised bamboo processing facility in Australia, producing consistent fine, fibrous bamboo mulch. Their Bamboo Mulch can be dry blown, sprayed through a Hydro mulch system, or
simply hand applied to your home garden.

The need to irrigate agricultural land efficiently, economically and sustainably is critical for food security. Costs for irrigation using diesel power are rising at >10%
per year.

LORENTZ solar irrigation solutions are a very attractive alternative to diesel powered pumping and support sustainable agriculture. LORENTZ solar irrigation solutions produce no emissions, generate no noise. Solar power for irrigation is more reliable than
wind power while being significantly cheaper and cleaner than diesel power. LORENTZ solar pumps complement the design of drip irrigation systems, delivering water precisely and efficiently to individual plants. Very high volumes of water for large scale irrigation
can also be supported through a wide range of pump sizes and vertical lifts.

For more information on solar irrigation
Contact Ross on 1300 721 118

Australia’s First New, Totally
Off-Grid Town Soon?

A $1.1 million initial study could ultimately lead to the construction of a town in New South Wales’ Hunter Valley that will be entirely off-grid and powered by renewable energy.
The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) announced this morning it was providing $442,000 for a study relating to Huntlee, which will be the first new town in the Hunter Valley in 50 years.
Developed by LWP Property Group, Huntlee will house 20,000 new residents in 7,500 homes. Huntlee is located at the start of the Hunter Expressway; 50 minutes from Newcastle, 20 minutes north of Cessnock and 27 minutes from Maitland.